St. Francis Herb Farm Milky Oat Seed

  • Milky Oat Seed is used in Traditional Herbal Medicine as a nervine tonic and mild sedative to help relieve nervousness. Milky Oat Seed is effective in treating depression, debility, stress, nervousness, and anxiety. It also serves to alleviate general prostration from overwork and worry. It is used as well for addiction withdrawal. .

  • Medicinal Ingredients: Milky Oat Seed (Avena sativa) 1000 mg QCE fresh (1:1) OR 250 mg QCE dry (1:4) Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Distilled water. Certified Organic alcohol.

  • Adults: Take 1.3-1.7 ml (40-50 drops) 3 times daily in a little water on an empty stomach. Cautions and Warnings: Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms worsen or persist. Known Adverse Reactions: Hypersensitivity reactions are known to occur, in which case discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if seal is broken. Store at room temperature. .

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