Pure Coconut Wraps Original - Paleo friendly

  • Pure Wraps believes that food is medicine and illness begins with nutritional deficiencies. In order to support wellness and fight disease we need clean food from a clean environment. Therefore, Pure Wraps is committed to unlocking the value of food by combining the ancient wisdom about nourishment with nutrient-rich ingredients and safe preparation techniques.

    Your search for gluten-free, plant-based wraps is finally over! Pure Wraps are free of common allergens, such as soy, egg, nuts and corn. They’re also raw! Use them as you would any conventional wrap. These wraps offers a convenient and healthy way to stay nourished throughout the day, no matter where you are.


  • Young coconut (meat & water), Himalayan salt.

  • Store Pure Wraps at room temperature and away from dry circulating air over long periods of time for optimal convenience. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight and do not freeze them. Once the package has been opened, the best way to keep Pure Wraps fresh is to fold over the opened end and use a tight fitting “chip clip” to seal the bag. You may store them in the refrigerator, but take care to ensure that they are unfilled and covered to avoid textural changes to the wrap.

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