Province Apothecary West Coast Sea Salt Soap

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  • Province Apothecary West Coast Sea Salt Soap is a nourishing body soap that gently cleanses with the moisturizing benefits of pure, unscented botanical plant oils, and Canadian sea salt, resulting in soft, healthy skin. Coconut Oil is one of the most moisturizing natural oils, as well as antibacterial properties that benefit problem skin. Packed with nutrients and minerals, hand-harvested Sea Salt infuses the skin with beneficial trace minerals and draws toxins out of the body naturally, while improving the circulation of lymphatic fluid in the body. It’s ideal for balancing the moisture content of your skin and soothing sensitive skin. Organic Olive Oil, considered ‘liquid gold’, is extremely nourishing to the skin. Rich in antioxidants, Olive Oil helps to restore skin smoothness and overall tone and texture.

  • Coconut Oil^, Sea Salt, Castor Seed Oil ^, Olive Oil^*, Water. ^Saponified *Certified Organic. For External Use Only.

  • Use daily all over your body. Due to the exfoliating properties of the soap, lather between hands and then apply lather onto skin.

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