Prairie Naturals Organic Whey Protein

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  • Prairie Naturals Certified Organic WheyProtein satisfies your need for protein. Organically. Deliciously. Conveniently. Naturally derived from North American organic fresh milk, Prairie Naturals Organic WheyProtein is free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). With no added sugar, artificial flavours or colours, Prairie Naturals Organic WheyProtein is a delicious low fat, low carbohydrate and low lactose source of organic protein. It is micro ultra-filtered and concentrated without the use of high heat or acid treatments.  300g per tub.

  • Vanilla:  Whey protein concentrate (organic), natural cream flavour, xanthan gum, organic caramel flavour, stevia extract, organic vanilla flavour.  Chocolate:  Whey protein concentrate (organic), cocoa powder (organic), natural chocolate flavour, xanthan gum, dark chocolate flavour (organic), stevia extract.  Unflavoured:  Whey protein concentrate (organic).

  • For best results mix 2 scoops (approximately 30 g) of Whey Protein powder with 200-250 mL water or juice or your prefered beverage (in a blender or shaker cup).

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