Organika Chicken Bone Broth Powder

  • Organika’s Bone Broth Chicken is sourced from organic-fed and cage-free chickens. It is great by itself or mixed with your favourite soup, sauce, or stew. Available in original, ginger and turmeric. Bone Broth is traditionally known to be rich in vitamins and minerals – a perfect supplement for those on a paleo, Keto, or low carb diets.  Benefits of Bone Broth include:

    -Supporting gut health

    -Relieve upper and lower respiratory tract

    -Promotes satiety

    -Helps improve immune system

    -Supporting joint health

  • Chicken Bone Broth, Ginger Root Powder

  • Mix 2 tbsp of the broth powder in 12 oz of hot water or use it in other applications like soups, broths, and cooking

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