St. Francis Herb Farm Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Butter Ghee

  • The Perfect Blend of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Organic Ghee. Enjoy together the nutritional advantages of coconut oil and the wide range of healthful Omega 3 fatty acids found in ghee.

    Virgin Coconut Oil & Organic Ghee blend creates a comprehensive healthy fat complex that is a great choice for your family's daily nutritional fat needs. This blend contains healthy fatty acids that are easy to digest (short & medium chain triglycerides) such as Lauric (used to synthesize monolaurin, an immune-supporting monoglyceride), Myristic, Caprylic, CLA, Stearic, Palmitic, Capric, Butyric, and Oleic.

    The mild flavour of Virgin Coconut Oil & Organic Ghee adds great taste to all your dishes. This oil blend is the most stable, heat-resistant edible oil in the world; it does not break down at high heat and can thus be safely used for all your baking and cooking needs. It also resists oxidation and has the longest shelf life of any cooking oil.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil & Organic Ghee is a blend of 75% raw organic virgin coconut oil and 25% organic pure virgin butter ghee.

  • Use in cooking as desired.

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