Carlson Cod Liver Oil 100 softgels

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  • Each Cod Liver Oil soft gel contains 1,000 mg of Cod Liver Oil, providing the important omega-3s EPA and DHA, which help support cognitive health. This special formulation also has a delicious lightly lemon flavour, so soft gels can be chewed or swallowed. To ensure maximum freshness, we closely manage our omega-3 Cod Liver Oil from sea to store.

  • Per softgel:  Cod Liver Oil 1000mg containing DHA 100mg, EPA 80mg, Vitamin A 183 IU, Vitamin D (all trans retinyl palmitate) 1815 IU, Vitamin D3 400IU.  Non medicinal ingredients:  gelatin, glycerin, water, vitamin E from soybean oil.

  • Take 2 soft gels once per day with a meal.

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