Birds & Beans Bird Friendly Dark Blend Coffee

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  • Each year, as new crops arrive, we tweak the roasting process to bring out the best of each bean, and sometimes that requires a change in the blend. Well, in this process a really great coffee emerged and we are now offering it in our boutique line.

    This coffee is rich and complex. It is smooth with a nice spine. The aroma is sweet with hazelnut. The dry grounds show dominant chocolate while the wet grounds have definite roasted red pepper. In the cup is dominant chocolate with nut and fruit. And, oh heavens! When we brewed the coffee 5 days after roasting, with the Hario pour over, and using 8.3g coffee for 8oz water, and ground a bit finer than for a regular drip filter, we found the elusive blueberry!!! Yay!
  • Brew this full strength for best effect.

  • Use as you wish.

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