Licensed Homeopath Priya Ferrie blends modern medicine with homeopathy to create a comprehensive treatment plan to allow the skin to begin healing itself.  When we address the underlying causes of acne such as diet, nutrition, lifestyle and emotions, the body comes into balance and the journey of skin healing begins.  During the consultation we review a thorough history of your primary concerns, previous medical history, sleep, energy, stress, digestion, and mood.  The consult is conducted online via skype so you can meet with Priya from the comfort of your home.  Please allocate 1.5-2 hours of uninterrupted time.  Feel free to have tea in hand!  A homeopathic remedy and skincare samples recommended for your skin-type are included in the fee.  The fee is $225+HST.  Email us to book at


The fertility enhancement solution is a comprehensive service to help you enhance your fertility.  It is ideal for those planning to conceive, and those who have been diagnosed with Infertility.  We will review your chief concerns, medical history and devise a treatment plan to help your body begin its healing journey.  In this consult we review diet, supplements, lifestyle, and your emotional well being.  We will review any gynecological issues you may be experiencing such as cysts, fibroids, low ovarian reserve, or low AMH and we'll talk about other inflammatory and immune related factors such as autoimmune diseases.  A homeopathic remedy is included in the consult, which can be picked up locally  The fee is $200+HST.  Email us to book at

Priya is a licensed Homeopath and women’s health expert.  She offer holistic treatment options to her clients dealing with adult acne, hormonal health, infertility, gynecological complaints, post-partum healing and so much more.  She combines her knowledge of herbs, diet, homeopathy, and her own unique experience as a patient and healer, with over 12 years of the wellness industry experience to offer customized solutions for optimal health and wellbeing.

She holds a Bachelor of Science from McMaster University and a Diploma in Homeopathy from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. She has additional training in homeopathic labour & delivery and is currently enrolled in the Herbal Medicine for Women program lead by Dr. Aviva Romm.  In her spare time she loves to read, play with her mutt Badmaash, and cook healthy meals. 

"Your body is programmed to heal.  Your cure is already within you."