Sample Program

At The Goji Berry, we want you to be able to try products before you commit to a full size.  At our Hamilton location, we offer complimentary testers.  Our Sample Program allows you to purchase a sample-size of a product you are interested in trying.  The samples may be shipped either with company branding, or store branding at our discretion.

Skincare and makeup samples typically include enough product for 2-3 days of use.
In the case of some wellness products, "Trial Pack" options are available.  In other cases we offer samples prepared in-store.  These usually include enough for 1 day of use.
Samples cost $2 each and are non-refundable.  Not all products can be purchased in sample sizes.  Simple look at the drop down menu when you are the product page to see if a sample size is available.  For a special request email us prior to placing your order and we'll do our best.