Is everything you sell natural?

Yes, 100%.  We carry products that are truly natural, do not contain any harmful ingredients and are totally good for you. 

I'm so overwhelmed with by all the choices.  Which vitamins do I need?

We have experts on staff 24/7.  Email us with your question at hello@thegojiberry.ca and we'll get back to you with a recommendation that suits you.  Also follow along on instagram to discover what's new and exciting!

I’m crazy about your store and need a new job. Are you hiring?

Send us your resume and interest at hello@thegojiberry.ca and we'll get in touch with you should we have a vacancy.

I love your homeopath and owner, how can I work with her?

You can email her at hello@parulferrie.com or book an appointment via www.parulferrie.com

I make products, how can I get them into your store?

See our vendor submission guidelines here

I'm a Nutritionist and I'd like to contribute a blog, how do I do that?

Email us a sample of your writing, your website, blog following and social handles and we'll take a look!