Are you ready to book a consultation with Parul Priya Ferrie? 


Priya is a women’s health expert and licensed Homeopath with over 10 years of experience in helping women heal with natural medicine.  She is registered in the province of Ontario.  Her practice is exclusively digital so you can consult with her from the comfort of your own home
The initial consultation is 75 minutes long and can be done via skype or phone.  In the initial consultation, we will review your health history, discuss your current complaint, and address your primary concerns. After your initial consult, you will receive a treatment plan which will include a homeopathic remedy, dietary suggestions, and a supplement plan if necessary.

How long is the Initial Consult?

The initial consultation is typically 1.5 hours long and can be done via skype or phone.  This is where we dig in and really uncover what’s at the root of your complaint.  Our bodies are complex organisms, so expect to discuss not only the symptoms you’re dealing with, but also what else is going on in your life.  We’ll talk about how you’re coping, how you sleep, what makes you unique and so much more!

How is your practice different?

01.  Priya provides more time and really listens to you.  Unlike a doctor’s office where you are shuttled in and out within 15 minutes or less, Priya allocates an hour and half to discuss what you’re dealing with at length.

02.  Priya holds space.  Often we are not given the opportunity to speak about what we’re going through.  Parul offers you space to voice your story.

03.  Priya keeps your information confidential.  You can feel safe knowing that your history, the nature of your problem, and your feelings about it are 100% confidential.

04.  Priya offers natural treatment that works with conventional medicine.  Worried about Priya's offerings interfering with your medication?  Don’t be.  Priya chiefly uses homeopathy, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to help you get back to health.  These modalities do not interfere with your medication.

What do I need to prepare for the appointment?

If this is your first appointment, ensure that you have filled out an intake form and submitted it online.  You can find it here.  We recommend doing the consult in a quiet space without distractions.  Bring a mug of tea and get comfy!  If you have labwork you'd like Parul to see, please email it to