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Here at The Goji Berry we believe believe that women should celebrate their bodies and the skin they're in. Unfortunately, in our world today cosmetics are full of toxic ingredients, even many of the so called natural skincare brands are hiding questionable ingredients.  With our extensive 18 years of experience as practitioners, conscious consumers, and women who refuse to compromise their well being, we've raised the bar when it comes to beauty & wellbeing.  We're proud to offer some of the most clean, green and non-toxic beauty brands.  We do our homework so you can rest assured that what you purchase here is stripped of all synthetics, artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.  We help to make your transition to natural a breeze, both for our online community and our brick and mortar store in Hamilton, Ontario. We realize that when it comes to your beauty routine, a cookie cutter approach simply won't do and we enjoy working with our clients to find the perfect rituals to elevate their wellness and get glowing skin.  Explore our services here, read our story here, or cruise blog here